Why the monsoons are the best time to invest in property

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There is quite a lot of difference in real estate property if we come this time with the rest of the months. This season brings a great opportunity for homebuyers to get valuable insights on their intended purchase. Before making any final decision to buy a property the real estate experts suggest that the home seekers should visit the construction site more than once.

The water logging situation as well as the travel and access to the area can be easily judged. In a country like India Monsoon is one of the best seasons for home buyers to seek properties as it becomes easier to check the condition of the building and the areas around it. The infrastructure can be very easily validated in such a weather which is a positive thing for a home buyer.


Issues related to seepage in washrooms is very common during rains which cannot be checked while buying a house in any other season. It has happened that people after buying a house spend so much on the issue of wet walls which they were not able to catch hold of at the time of buying. Construction flaws are easily revealed during heavy rains. One should only go ahead with buying any property when he is assured that the property can withstand the elements of mother nature.

Also, if one sees issues of leakages in the house, it gives the buyer an advantage to negotiate on the same. The lean period of the realty sector is the monsoon season. This is that very period when the demand is pretty low and sellers are also willing to negotiate on prices for serious buyers. This is certainly not possible when the weather is dry as the demand jumps up.

Due to this dip in demand during monsoons the sellers load the home buyers with various discounts and provide attractive offers. The Arthah, by Thapar group is a residential project based company in the real estate industry. They help you buy a property which imparts meaning to life. The Arthah provides amenities such as modern wooden flooring, convenient modular kitchen, high end bathroom fittings, split level parking spaces and much more. The main focus of this project lies in providing quality at best prices to the home buyers.

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