Competition gets tougher as better technology and innovation invade Indian real estate

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Heavy consumer distrust prevails in the Indian real estate markets. As many projects, particularly those in Delhi NCR area have been stalled or faced unacceptable delay in delivery from the developers end, consumers have started moving to other asset classes for investment. Disproportionate numbers of apartments near vaishali metro station and on Noida expressway lie vacant on account of diminishing trust levels. Ready to move flats in Ghaziabad and other developing areas experience the same fate.

As India opens up to foreign investments due to shift in FDI Policy, hopefully the situation will change and move towards progressive improvement. Most of the developers today, in order to remain competitive, are entering into joint ventures with foreign corporations. This collaboration is also creating inroads for better technology and innovative means in the sector. As the foreign companies have a say on strategic decisions and overall operations, it is becoming imperative for Indian real estate sector to adopt internationally acclaimed best practices.

Amongst others, Building Information Modelling (BIM) has emerged as a leading technology which is changing the shape of the Indian real estate sector. Most of the renowned developers are in the process of adopting it while the smaller ones aspire to include it in their business model shortly. The early adopters obviously will gain a competitive advantage over others and therefore deliver better performance.

Similar to better technology, the scope for innovative techniques in the sector has also increased massively. Joint ventures have enabled companies to have an access to larger resource pool which paves way for faster and better innovation. The smaller companies or one who have not been able to keep up with the changing times are now struggling to outbeat the progressive ones.

Thapar Builders, an admirable real estate brand in Northern India, is making best use of technical advancements and innovating constantly to stay ahead in the game. Developer of ‘The Arthah’, a revolutionary project in the heart of National Capital Region, it offers spectacular apartments near vaishali metro station built on latest means. The builder has created a pool of modern technologies, materials and other resources and is now all set to reap its benefits and sail over competition.

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